The Lash series

lashBackground music for videos is a delicate art. The music is there to support and assist the main content – it can’t dominate the program. At least, that’s what the brief usually says.

Recently, October Productions was asked to provide featured background music for a series of three short instructional videos. There would be limited voice-over on these programs, so the music had to maintain the viewer’s interest for the durations of the videos. The brief on this occasion asked for a mix between a soft, poppy (but not too elevator) feel, and our usual strong and dramatic style. And of course, production values had to be high. Even further, because each video featured a different presenter with a different style, the client asked for a feel that matched the presenter’s personality. No small ask.

The result was what we refer to as “The Lash series”: three very different tracks that demonstrate October Productions’ considerable musical versatility and skill. Please enjoy! Each track is different, but still distinctive.

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